Steve Descano is FAILING victims, FAILING kids FAILING FAIRFAX It's time for Steve Descano to Go! On Nov. 7, Fairfax has a COMMONSENSE choice – Write-in ED NUTTALL for Commonwealth's Attorney!

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“Victims go unrepresented and feel abandoned” - The Washington Post, 4/23/21 “failure of the prosecutor’s office to do its job” - The Washington Post, 4/23/21 Fairfax Murder Rate Highest in a Decade - FBI crime data

We count on our prosecutors to keep us safe and keep dangerous criminals off our streets. What has Steve Descano done? Catch and release!

Stop The Madness - Remove Steve Descano

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Under Descano Crime Runs Wild:

  • Shielded Violent Illegal Aliens And Sex Criminals 1
  • Let Drug Dealers, Thieves, & Drunk Drivers Walk Free 2
  • Charges Cops And Then Hides The Evidence 3
  • Drop Serious Charges So Criminals Avoid Jail Time 4
  • Murder Rate Doubled Under Descano - The Highest Rate In Over A Decade 5

Descano Turned A Blind Eye To

  • Animal Cruelty
  • Theft
  • Assault
  • Peeping Toms & Indecent Exposure

Want Safer Streets? We Need Steve Descano out NOW!

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